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Our signature dishes

Qartuli Gobi Bowl

Variety of Georgian starters: spinach pkhali, garlicky eggplant, beetroot pkhali, nadugi cheese, sulguni and Imeretian Cheese.

Our signature dishes

Assorted Mix Grill

Beef, chicken and vegetable shashlik, lamb chops and kebab served with traditional Georgian sauces and seasoned onion garnish.

Our signature dishes

Salmon in Kindzmari Sauce

Georgian-style salmon fillet, boiled and served in a zesty coriander and vinegar sauce. Signature fish dish from Georgia.

Our Signature

Where Taste Meets the Myth


Traditional juicy Georgian dumplings with various fillings from beef, beef&lamb, to Sulguni cheese, mushrooms&potatoes


Discover Khachapuri: Georgian cheese-filled bread, available in classic, egg-topped Adjarian, and bean-filled Lobiani versions

Sulguni cheese

Freshly made warm Sulguni cheese
Freshly crafted sulguni cheese with Gurian green adjika sauce and shoti bread


Explore Georgian salads: fresh veggies with Kakhetian oil, walnut sauce, Sulguni cheese, and classic Olivier in Georgian style.